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Benefit of drinking apple rose fruit teas : Improve digestion, diabetes control, clear toxin, imp..
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Benefit: Antioxidant, Boost immunity, Prevent Dehydration ..
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Calendula is good for our digestive system, it strengthen and protect our digestive system from many..
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Chamomile Tea is golden in colour and has a delectable, fruity flavour. This scrumptious herbal reme..
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Benefit of drinking french rose flower teas: Relief menstrual pain, help in infertility, breast l..
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Jasmine is rich in anti-oxidants which helps prevention of free-radicals in the body. Normally taken..
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Lavender has been known to aid with lowering of blood pressure, sleeping disorders, stress and other..
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Benefit of drinking lemongrass teas: Slimming,  improve blood circulation, improve digestio..
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Benefit of drinking peach fruit teas: Slimming, Antioxidants, Improve digestion, ..
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Benefit of drinking peppermint teas: Active brain cell, improve blood circulation, help with sor..
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Benefit of drinking purple rose flower teas: Brighten the skin, relief menstrual pain, help in i..
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Red Rose is probably one of the world's most famous beauty products of all time. It's well known for..
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Rosemary is a herbal tea that a traditionally used as a brain food. Known properties aid in memory i..
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Benefit of drinking Sweet Osmanthus flower teas: Cough relieve, improve digestion system, purify..
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