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High-quality, heat-resistant glass with beaded top and a spout for excellent pouring characteristics..
RM15.00 Ex Tax: RM15.00
Aloe Vera Extract widely used to heal wounds and for various skin conditions, including burns, sunbu..
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Rich in relaxing Lavender Essential Oil and Sweet Orange Essential Oil from England, the English La..
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RM20.00 Ex Tax: RM20.00
Dead Sea Salt Granules Detoxify the skin Used for relief from psoriasis All natural For ..
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Vegetable based melt and pour soap base, used for manufacture of transparent soap bars, it crea..
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A stirring rod or stir rod is a piece of laboratory equipment used to mix chemicals and liquids for ..
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Vegetable based, melt and pour soap base containing goats milk, used for manufacture of opaque soap ..
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Green Esssential Oil bottle with cap and insert.   ..
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Green Essential Oil bottle with glass pipette. ..
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Lavender Magnesium oil spray combines essential magnesium with lavender essential oil to soothe the ..
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Bischofite Brine is a liquid application of Magnesium Chloride. It is a naturally created liquid fou..
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