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Natural handmade soap with organic shea butter and scented with Lemongrass Essential Oil. Our Org..
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Using only naturally sourced ingredients, The Soap Cellar offers a really moisturising lip balm to s..
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Use the spritzer to keep skin toned and lustrous. Keep eyes closed when spritzing.  INCI: Aq..
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Natural handmade soap with bamboo charcoal and scented with rosemary essential oil. Bamboo C..
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A soft and gentle face and body bar using the finest ingredients. Perfect for any skin type and lavi..
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Deep Detoxing Clay has a smooth oily feel when mixed with water. It is highly detoxing and removes e..
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Use the spritzer to reduce sebum, deter bacteria, heal wounds and reduce scarring. Keep eyes closed ..
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French Green Clay is probably the most famous of all clays in the world. Used from facial masks to e..
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French Pink Clay is a very mild clay recommended for sensitive skin. It gently detoxes without remov..
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French Red Clay also known as Red Montmorrilonite Clay from Western France is considered to be a cla..
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French Yellow Clay, also known as Yellow Illite Clay is a mild clay that's great for removing light ..
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  Natural handmade soap with organic shea butter and oatmeal, scented with honey. Organic..
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Fuller’s Earth is a sedimentary clay with a high magnesium oxide content. A first choice f..
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