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All-purpose thicketing alcohol (1-hexadecanol, hexadecanol, hexadecyl or palmityl alcohol), derived from vegetable oils, >95%, composed of fatty alcohols. White flakes, no or faint odor. Soluble in diethyl ether & acetone, slightly soluble in alcohol. Insoluble in cold water. Partially solubi..
Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol adds viscosity (thickness) and is used as a stabiliser in creams and lotions. A vegetable derived blend of cetyl and stearyl fatty alcohol. Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol is used as a co-emulsifier and imparts emollient feel and lubricity to the skin. Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol is suitable f..
Chamomile Extract Powder comes from real, dried chamomile flowers. It doubles as a natural colorant and a cosmetic additive. Common uses in soap, face masks, scrubs and creams. Well known for its soothing and calming properties. Among the most popular herbal supplements in Europe, Chamomile..
Citric Acid comes from citrus fruits. It has astringent and anti-oxidant properties. It is commonly used in cosmetic formulas to adjust an alkaline pH thus creating a more balanced and neutralized product. When mixed in appropriate amounts with baking soda, it produces a chemical reaction that leads..
Very mild surfactant derived from coconut oil. It compatible with anionic, non-ionic, cationic surfactants (also useful as primary surfactant), good cleanser & foam booster, viscosity enhancer, excellent conditioning & antistatic agent, moderate emulsifier...
Comfrey root has been known to help expedite the healing process of wounds, stop bleeding, relieve pain and help prevent infection. Comfrey root powder can be added to lotions, creams salves, ointments to help reduce the pain associated with arthritis, sunburn, provide better wound healing prope..
Botanical Name: Cucumis Sativa Cucumber extract is great to add into skin care products for its anti-inflammatory actions and skin tightening properties! Cucumber is considered emollient, soothing, astringent, and hydrating. It's generally suggested for normal to oily skin because of the astri..
Dead Sea Salt Granules Detoxify the skin Used for relief from psoriasis All natural For thousands of years, kings and queens have travelled from far and wide to bathe in the Dead Sea, situated between Israel and Jordan. Once part of the ocean, the Dead Sea, is now a lake containing extre..
Clear liquid Odorless Soluble in alcohol, dispersible in oils & fats Used for its low viscosity in various liquid, low-viscous skin and hair care products. Will take out the whitening of creams and lotions when rubbed into the skin and gives a non-greasy, dry feel. Improves wet &..
Broadspectrum liquid preservative for cosmetic applications. Antimicrobial agent and preservative Increases the shelf-life of cosmetics (e.g. shampoos, skincare products, hair gels, etc)..
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