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Dead Sea Mud contains skin-nourishing minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, and iron. It improves cell metabolism, contributes to regeneration and restoration of skin; acts as disinfectant, removes harmful substances from skin. It detoxifies, removing excess oils and impurities, and ..
Deep Detoxing Clay has a smooth oily feel when mixed with water. It is highly detoxing and removes excessive oils effectively. Instruction: Please do not use metal implements such as a metal spoon or bowl. Place 5 tbsp. of mineral water into a bowl. Add a heap teaspoonful of clay onto the water. ..
All Natural French Green Clay Apperance : Light green colored powder Absorbing impurities such as oils and toxins from the skin Gentle, yet deeply cleans pores, leading to less outbreaks and clearer skin French Green Clay is probably the most famous of all clays in the world. Used from f..
French Pink Clay is a very mild clay recommended for sensitive skin. It gently detoxes without removing oils excessively.  Instruction: Please do not use metal implements such as a metal spoon or bowl. Place 5 tbsp. of mineral water into a bowl. Add a heap teaspoonful of clay onto the water...
All Natural French Red Clay Best suited for normal to oily skin types Appearance : Fine red colored powder Cleansess, detoxifies and exfoliates the skin, leaving it refreshed, toned and rejuvenated French Red Clay also known as Red Montmorrilonite Clay from Western France is considered t..
All Natural French Yellow Clay 100% pure and natural Used to revitalise and cleanse the skin Mild clay - Can be used on dry or sensitive skin French Yellow Clay, also known as Yellow Illite Clay is a mild clay that's great for removing light pulltants and toxins from the skin. Mainly use..
All Natural Fuller's Earth Clay 100% pure and natural Heals acne and blemishes Removes dead cells from the skin and unclog pores Helps to reduce pigmentation and scar marks Contain whitening properties Fuller’s Earth is a sedimentary clay with a high magnesium oxide content.&n..
All Natural Moroccan Ghassoul (Rhassoul) Clay Plaquettes MoroccanLava Clay 100% pure and natural Known for its absorbing properties and silky texture Rich in magnesium silica, potasium and calcium, which helps to nourish your skin The Ghassoul or Rhassoul is an ancient clay from the A..
Green Montmorillonite is an essential clay used in heavy detoxing of skin. Usually mixed with Kaolin Clay and Yellow Illite Clay to make French Green Clay. But used on it's own for very oily skin types and those who suffer from pimples, acne and heavy oil build up. Recommended for very oily skin...
Country of Origin: ENGLAND Great covering ability, able to absorb fats from the skin, refines pores & helps clear up breakouts, soothing properties (ideal for sensitive skin).  ..
Natural Whitening Clay gently lightens uneven skin tones without chemical involvement. The clay uses its natural negatively charged ions to adsorb all positively charged free radicals from the skin. It is an effective way to lighten and to even skin tone.  Instruction: Please do not use meta..
Useful on oily skin. Excellent oil absorbingproperties. Bentonite clayis a very soft clay. Great for clay face masks, body masks and facial soaps...
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