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Anise Seed Essential Oil has a mild, sweet and spicy fragrance, some also would say that it is very ..
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Basil Essential Oil has a fresh, herbaceous aroma with a faint balsamic woody backnote and a lasting..
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Bergamot Essential Oil is refreshing and uplifting, and helps acne, wounds, insect bites and oi..
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Cajuput or Cajeput Essential Oil is cleansing and uplifting, and treats spots, oily skin, and insect..
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The Essential oil of Camphor has a strong, penetrating, fragrant odour. In China and Japan, cinnamom..
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Carrot Seed Essential Oil is used in many skin care formulas. Some believe that it will remove wrink..
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Cassia essential oil has a pungent, warm smell. A Warming oil that dates back to biblical times, Cas..
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Earthy and woodsy. True cedar scent. Popular in men's products. This Clean smelling, balsamic oil do..
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Blue Chamomile, also known as German Chamomile. Chamomile is a good all round essential oil. Blue Ch..
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The relaxing aroma of this essential oil, sometimes described as like apples and straw is an exotic ..
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Cinnamon Essential Oil is considered a broad spectrum anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil. This warm,..
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Labdanum (Rock Rose, Cistus) essential oil has a strong and sweet scent. It is extensively used as a..
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Citronella Essential oil has a lemon-like aroma with a bitter background. Commonly used as an i..
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Clary Sage is the preferred variety of sage for use in aromatherapy. It is good for a variety of ski..
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The spicy, warm and instense aroma of true clove bud. Popular in fall and winter holiday products. C..
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