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Pure organic aloe vera suspended in a thick, clear viscous base. Perfect for skincare formulations, ..
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A pure, organic bar for acne. Wash in the morning, before bed & additionally as needed to cl..
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This organic nutrient bar has been specially created for the gentle cleansing of dry and sensitive s..
RM25.00 Ex Tax: RM25.00
This organic nutrient bar soap for ezcema relief is handcrafted and used for include itch ..
RM25.00 Ex Tax: RM25.00
The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of the soap work to remove built-up oils and dirt. 100% ..
RM25.00 Ex Tax: RM25.00
Gently lightens and eliminates skin pigmentation that causes age spots, breaking down the proteins i..
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Organic Rose water is produced by the steam distillation of fresh hand picked rose petals. The aroma..
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Our Organic African Black Soap comes from Ghana. Shea trees grow wild on the Savannah. Village women..
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Organic Shea Butter makes the skin look and feel more resilient, rejuvenating and moisturised. An ar..
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Natural handmade soap with Organic Shea butter and scented with peppermint essential oil. ..
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INCI: SODIUM HYALURONATE Most powerful moisturizer & humectant known so far. Provides smoothn..
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An organic and luxurious mousse-to-foam wash that gently cleanses without drying to remove..
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Natural handmade soap with bamboo charcoal and scented with Rosemary and Tea Tree essential oil..
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Sea Buckthorn Extract is derived from the seeds and pulp of the Sea Buckthorn berry. High in natural..
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